Design and implementation of CNC machines and systems
Design and implementation of 3D printer designs
Design and implementation of automation systems for production processes
Design and implementation of production lines
Technical due diligence of investment projects
IT systems
Power installations projects
Renewable energy sources

Our team of specialists in the energy, IT and construction industries will prepare the concept of production line machines for your order.

We will prepare an executive design, we will build, deliver and run your machine, production line or IT system.

We will deal with the implementation of the finished project, we will carry out the project analysis and assess its feasibility and cost-effectiveness. We will use our knowledge and experience to optimize and improve the project based on the latest and most effective technical solutions.

We will give you a ready-to-implement executive project or we will execute and run it on our own.

High-tech projects with a high degree of difficulty are our specialty.

We design solutions for the industry related to the automation of technological processes and production lines. Knowing the precise needs of the client, his goals, we will conduct a technical audit of the client's activity and then we will present technical and IT solutions that will optimize the production and lead the production to maximum efficiency.

We deal with information systems for production planning and control. We will conduct a technical audit of your company, implement a system of planning, control and analysis of production so as to make it as effective as possible.

We conduct energy audits of industrial plants. We design and implement solutions that reduce energy consumption.

We design, make and optimize power installations for industrial plants.

We run projects of renewable energy sources from the concept to the launch.

We provide service and technical maintenance of renewable energy sources installations.

We design and make power installations for existing industrial plants based on renewable energy sources.